Below is a summary of our roadmap
PERKS Protocol was conceived in early 2022. The team has been working behind the scenes with various DeFi projects, learning a lot in the process.
Below is a summary of our roadmap. Please note that these are estimates and many factors will influence fulfilling the items listed below.
  • Phase 01 Concept Research Team Setup Whitepaper Draft Tokenomics Draft Contract Draft
  • Phase 02 Social Profiles Team Adjustments Whitepaper Review Tokenomics Review Contract Test
  • Phase 03 Website Development DAPP Development Contract Deployment Marketing Research Community Setup
  • Phase 04 Contract Audit Team KYC Presale Marketing Community Engagements
  • Phase 05 Pre-launch Marketing Fair Launch Liquidity Lock Trading Enable Community AMA
  • Phase 06 Post-launch Marketing DAAP Redesign Site Listings (CG, CMC etc.) CEX Listings Community Engagements
  • Phase 07 Reward Partnerships Launchpad Development Ecosystem Evaluation Growth Projection
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