Perks Token

No taxes, no fees, no bots - enjoy only PERKS and lots of rewards!
At the core of the Perks Protocol is the Perks Token (PERKS). It is a reward token for users, traders, investors, developers, and supporters of the Perks Protocol.

What makes the PERKS token different?

There are only 100,000 PERKS, which is extremely limited. The notion that a token must have billions in total supply is dubious. It is just a marketing gimmick that most projects use to lure in investors. Usually, these types of projects will have a large burn of the token at the start of the project.
We have chosen a limited total supply of 100,000 PERKS to prevent dilution of your investment. This also enables you to easily understand what your stake is in the project, rather than having to deal with multiple decimal places without any value.
Furthermore, PERKS is a reward token with no transaction fees or taxes. You will always receive the exact amount of PERKS you transact, and even more. Instead of taxing your transactions, we reward you with additional PERKS for supporting the Perks Protocol.
Anytime you purchase PERKS or process transactions relating to liquidity, marketing, compounding, referral, or use PERKS on partner projects, you are automatically rewarded with an additional percentage of the PERKS amount you spent.
This reward can be claimed after 24 hours of the transaction, provided that you do not sell or transfer your tokens to another wallet, and it will be doubled after 7 days. There are no complicated rules to follow, and tangible rewards give you the power to decide how you want to earn.
There are no fees or taxes for selling your tokens at any time. The only thing you will lose is your accrued reward if you sell or transfer your tokens to another wallet before the 24-hour reward claiming period.
Simply, you will receive more PERKS every time you buy, compound, process transactions relating to liquidity, marketing fund generation, and mass compounding for all users, referrals, or utilize PERKS on partner projects.