What's Perks Protocol?
Perks Protocol is an innovative DeFi launchpad that is designed to reward and incentivize users, traders, developers, holders, and investors massively in order to promote engagement, partnerships, and adoption.
For far too long, the narrative in the DeFi space has been centered around taxation, anti-whale, anti-dumping, transaction limits, and other punitive measures that have often proved counter-productive.
Most DeFi project tokens today all have a transaction tax system, which is a core feature of all so-called "reflection" tokens, such as SAFEMOON, SHIBAINU, and BABYDOGE. Every time you trade these types of tokens, a percentage of your transacted tokens is deducted, leaving you with fewer tokens.
The deducted amount is usually burned to reduce the overly inflated token supply, or distributed to other holders as an incentive for holding. It can also sometimes be used for automatic liquidity generation, project development, and marketing.
Rewards distributed or reflected to holders are based on the percentage of the total supply they hold. As the burn address is always the top holder of these types of tokens, most holders receive little to no reward.
Interestingly, only users who trade these tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), from which they all originate, have to pay these taxes as the system is incompatible with centralized exchanges (CEXs) such as Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, OKX, and others.
If indeed the future of crypto is decentralization, then the reverse should be the case: CEX users should pay taxes, and DEX users should be incentivized, rewarded, or at the very least, not penalized.
Perks Protocol is all about rewarding DeFi users massively for participating in the ecosystem. No taxation, no fees, no bots, no fuss.