Deflation Redefined

Reward users, deflate supply.
When most DeFi projects talk about deflation, what they mean is the burning of tokens from users' transactions. Therefore, in addition to transaction fees from decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap (0.25%), users also lose a part of their transaction amount to deflation.
If the initial launch's total supply of most project tokens had not been overly inflated, then this would have been more acceptable. However, with billions in total supply of most tokens, it is practically an exercise in futility.
We have extensively studied this prevailing tokenomics in most DeFi projects and found it to be clearly ineffective and counterproductive. We affirm that users should not be penalized when transacting.
The Perks Protocol deflation mechanism burns 10% of the amount of each transaction from the contract's balance of PERKs tokens, not from the transaction amount. The contract balance is the same one that is used to reward users.
You will always receive the exact amount you transact, with no deductions, and even more in rewards.