Contract Changes

Time-Locked Contract Changes

What can be changed?

The following can be changed in the Perks Smart Contract post-launch from the Perks 24-hour Time-Lock Contract.

Treasury Address:

The address to which funds for marketing are sent can be changed.

Router Address

Perks is currently tradable on PancakeSwap. Migrating to a new DEX will require changing the router address.


The rates for rewards, compounding, liquidity, referrals, and treasury can be changed.


Rewards payers' smart contract addresses can be added or removed.

Reward Exclusion

Addresses can be excluded from receiving transaction rewards.


The reward claim, compounding, and processing delays can be changed.


The bot system tax and delay can be changed.

Rescue Token

Tokens accidentally transferred to the Perks smart contract can be retrieved.
However, please note that PERKS in the contract cannot be retrieved. To avoid losing your PERKS, do not send them to the Perks smart contract.
Liquidity generated and locked in the Perks smart contract can be retrieved after 365 days from the day trading is enabled.

Supply Burn

Rewards locked in the contract can be permanently burned to reduce the total supply.