Claim Reward

Claim your PERKS reward
To claim your reward, connect your wallet and click the Your Reward tab.
Perks Protocol: Your Reward
You will only be able to claim your reward whenever the countdown claiming button is enabled. Please note that the button will be enabled or disabled based on the following:

When can I claim?

The claiming button will be disabled by default for all users.
The button will also be disabled when you do not have any reward to claim.
Forfeiting your reward by selling or transferring before the countdown elapses will disable the claiming button.
Initiating either a buy transaction or any reward generating transaction such as such as HODL Balance Compounding, Project Fund, Mass Compounding, Referral Claim and partnership interactions, will activate the countdown timer on the claiming button.

HODL Compounding

Hold Compounding is for investors who desire to hold PERKS for longer. Essentially, if you do not claim or forfeit your reward after 7 days, you get double the reward amount.
After your first PERKS purchase, your Unclaimed Balance will be updated and the claim countdown button will be activated.
Your HODL Compounding Balance will also be updated and the HODL countdown button will be activated.
If you do not sell or transfer out your tokens before the 24-hour claiming countdown, you will be able to claim your Unclaimed Balance. The HODL countdown will elapse after 7 days provided that you do not claim, sell, or transfer.
To avoid permanently losing all your unclaimed rewards, please ensure that the timer countdown has elapsed and the claim button is enabled before you transfer out or sell your PERKS.