PinkSale Presale

PinkSale Presale Cancelled
Hi Everyone,
We are grateful to all who contributed and supported our PinkSale fairlaunch presale.
Unfortunately, we had to cancel and refund all contributors as it was realistically impossible to attain the softcap for various reasons.
Perks Protocol has been in the making for two years, and our contract and tokenomics are unique and distinct from anything currently in the DeFi space. The entire project is based on rewards rather than taxes and fees.
As expected, most investors were put off by the amount of tokens that appeared unlocked on our PinkSale presale page. We reached out to the PinkSale team to try to rectify this, as the tokens are in fact locked in the Perks smart contract for rewards, but the response from them was not positive.
For our reward tokens to appear as locked on PinkSale, we would have to transfer them to the PinkSale Locker. This is not possible, as they are locked in the Perks smart contract.
Furthermore, this would not be compatible with our tokenomics and the modus operandi of the project.
This leaves us with only two options: launch without a presale or seek another presale platform that can adequately represent the uniqueness of Perks Protocol tokenomics.
If we decide to launch without a presale, the trading liquidity will be very limited and there will be a lot of volatility.
Therefore, we are exploring other launchpads (GemPad and DXSale) and liaising with their teams to see if our unique tokenomics can be accommodated and correctly represented to investors.
We appreciate your support of the Perks Protocol. Please stay tuned for the presale announcement.
Perks Tee